Garage Parking in Oak Park

Effective January 1, 2010, the Village of Oak Park unilaterally  raised the monthly parking fee from $135 to $165 per quarter.  It’s bad enough for commuters, business owners & employees not to mention residents that the current state of the Economy has placed their finances in less-than-stellar positions, but why does the Village of Oak Park see fit to dump a price increase on our backs – and without any fanfare.  The first notices were delivered by the United State Postal Service in the form of the quarterly invoice received in early December.

VOP Parking Stickers

Two Parking Stickers

Only after what must have been a couple of inquires “What the $%#@” did the parking authorities post a very nice sign at each entrance – stuck up with Scotch Tape.

So, what are we left with?  A bright, shiny, glossy and bigger sticker and a whopping 18% increase!

The Village Officials tells us that the parking facilities have been running at a deficit, and that they need to raise the parking fees to cover costs.  My issue isn’t with the increase, but rather the almost furtive manner in which the increases are made.