This Blog strongly proclaims the belief that businesses – not only retail ones – have an enormous, positive impact on the financial health and viability of the communities in which we live and work.

The communities of: Oak Park, River Forest, Forest Park, Elmwood Park, Berwyn and surrounding towns are faced with difficult choices, now that tax revenue from residential and real estate sales have dwindled.  There has been a knee-jerk reaction to increase taxes and user fees to businesses.  This may very well prove to be a case of “throwing out the baby with the bathwater.”

While it may be politically expedient to “let businesses pay the way,” the obvious danger is that businesses when faced with unrecoverable expenses either become less profitable, simply cease operations or – more likely – vote with their feet, leaving ex-employees and taxpayers to feel the pain.   There is a school of thought that when business vote with their feet, there is less traffic and less activity in centers of economic activity.  Who can say that the death of the next business won’t cause a catastrophic decline in property values?

While the tone of this website may appear highly critical, rest assured that those who publish articles here are passionate and enthusiastic supporters of our communities.  The economic health of one village does impact the health of every municipality and that we’re all in this together!

We encourage comments.  To comment, you’ll have to register with a valid e-mail address.  We expect that participants will adhere to a high level of courtesy.  To that end, we remind everyone that it is our blog and we make the rules.  Having said that…